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June 26, 2013
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Giving respect and support can be a driving factor in many things - especially online. On deviantART, respect and support can be the difference between being featured, getting a deserved award, or making that one fantastic impression that could last a lifetime.

Bullying and Us

Bullying can come in many different forms and effects everyone (not just the "sensitive" or "thin-skinned" people). And people can be bullied for anything: their art, their looks, their gender, a disability, their opinion, their sexuality, their religion, etc. There are no set boundaries that govern who can be bullied and what a bully will choose to focus on. And in the age of technology, bullies have many resources at their disposal to be very effective at completely destroying a person with very little effort...

"Threats, name-calling, teasing, spreading rumors, purposefully trying to make someone look foolish,
mean emails or comments, posting embarrassing content about someone, creating websites or pages to
single out a person for a negative reason, creating accounts in someone else’s name or identity and pretending
to be your target and have them act vastly foolish or hateful are ALL bullying...

Everyone at some time in their life will be bullied. This may happen on the internet or not. This may happen at work, at school, at a restaurant or even in your own home. Even bullies can be bullied... and as a matter of fact, studies have shown that many bullies were once victims of bullying themselves and began bullying as a way to defend themselves or a way to cope with the abuse from their own bullies!

And sometimes you may meet a person who is behaving like a bully but who isn't doing it on purpose. Sometimes people say hurtful things by accident or without knowing that it will have a negative effect on someone. On the internet, this is especially true since we can't see each other. We are all invisible fingers typing on a keyboard behind a monitor. A real bully or accidental bully can only see what you type... they can't know or feel your real emotions. They can't SEE or EXPERIENCE it.

No Bullying by DrPockets

No one deserves to be bullied... Ever. It doesn't matter if you are being bullied by a family member, a person from school, a co-worker, or someone you don't even know online. NO ONE has the right to threaten you, make fun of you, call you names, spread rumors (or even truthful information you don't want made public) about you, etc. If you think you are being bullied on deviantART, there are many options for you:

  • Block the deviantART member
  • Hide their comments
  • Send a report to the Help Desk

deviantART, we have a problem.Problems on deviantART?
It happens to us all at some point... We find a problem. This problem could be another user, some art or a technical glitch. The types of problems are you could encounter here on deviantART could span 100 news articles, so we will just focus on the most common issues and how to get help with them.
deviantART Users
You will, at some point, have an issue with another deviant. Just like in real life, personalities collide, heads will butt, and tempers will flare. But when does it become a problem? And how do you solve the problem?
Harassment is a serious issue. Comments made to you, even if by note, that are "extremely aggressive, insulting or otherwise extremely abusive" are not allowed. The Etiquette Policy and dA FAQ 238 makes this 100% clear. If someone is contacting you and behaving this way, the first th
Harassment: A Survival GuideIt's no secret that the members of deviantART are an opinionated bunch! For good or ill, there is always plenty to say about art that speaks to them. This is great, yet amidst those opinions you're bound to get reactions that are nothing more than word pollution or troll bait. How many of you have logged into deviantART and been faced with this problem?

We've all seen it, been a victim of it, or at least heard about it: Folk out in the digital world living for nothing more than the joy of ruffling peoples' feathers. Well not to worry dear reader, because I've compiled a survivor's guide on how to slay the beast of text pollution: le trolls!
:bulletred: Identify The Problem!
Being the level-headed fantastical artist that you are, when it comes to outrageous claims and aggravating comments regarding your work it seems like common sense for you to set the record straight and reply to these virtual text hoodlums. I

Just take note that the BEST WAY to deal with a bully or bullying is to NOT respond to them. Any kind of response to a bully or a bullying situation only gives that person (or group of people) attention - and that is usually what they want. Help your friends by giving them encouragement, not by communicating with a bully to defend them. Educate the community about using the block tool and about hiding unwanted comments. And never ever, for any reason, argue with a bully (no matter who they are bullying: you or a friend).

"Bullying is never fun and it really hurts to be on the receiving end. In my experience bullying is done by someone with a low self esteem who believes they need to tear someone down in order to build themselves up. This is the saddest lie a person can tell themselves. What they should be doing is looking at their strengths and write down 10 or more things they're the best at, no matter how long it takes them. Then they should re-read that list every day and strive to build their confidence instead of tearing others down... Never let someone who's having a bad day ruin your life. You're in control of how you react and you're in control of being better instead of bitter."

"I have been mildly bullied, and to handle it, I try my best to never take anything offensive too seriously. Letting it seep into your brain can really leave a mark."

A story of hope for the bullied - flash comic by Elena-Ciolacu
A story of hope for the bullied - flash comic by Elena-Ciolacu


There is different terminology used to define what and who is a bully or what types of situations fall under bullying... On deviantART, you will be met with the following most often...

:bulletblue: Bully
Just as it sounds, the quid-pro-quo word used to describe anyone who belittles, threatens, harasses or otherwise makes you feel worthless. Sometimes these people do not intend to be a bully. It is important to remember that just because someone did something that might be considered bullying does NOT mean they are a bully. Mistakes happen. We are all human. Many people will apologize if they hurt your feelings or say something to you that they didn't realize would affect you so negatively.

:bulletblue: Troll
A troll is, without a doubt, a online bully. Generally, a troll is bullying on purpose. Often, bully and troll are used interchangeably to mean the same thing. Trolling is a tactic used by a troll where the person keeps the conversation going with their victim for a long period of time and is trying to confuse them or otherwise make them say or do something that they can use against them. This can often move from the conversation to the troll's account or a group the troll is in where they post hateful things about their victim publicly. This type of behavior is NOT allowed. Block these people instead of responding to them. Hide their comments. And report them if they don't stop bothering you even after being blocked.

:bulletblue: White Knight
A white knight is a type of bully. Quite frankly, a white knight behaves exactly like a troll except that they do it in defense of the original troll's victim (the victim typically being their friend). I have said it before and will say it again: TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. Do not be a white knight. Do not troll the troll. Actually be helpful to the victim of the bully and encourage them to stop responding, encourage them to block the bully and hide the comments... And send them a supporting and kind note. You can even report the bullying yourself. Just don't add to the drama by being a bully to the bully. That is very counterproductive.

:bulletblue: A Cyber-Bully
Often, you will see people complain that this term is overused or that bullying on an internet site is NOT cyber-bullying. Well, they are wrong. According to, "Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Electronic technology includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites. Examples of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles."

Cyber-bullying is so dangerous because it can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... Unless you completely disconnect from the technological world (no phone, no internet, no e-mail...), you will continue to be a victim of a cyber-bully. This repetitive onslaught can have very serious effects on people, especially the younger and more susceptible generation of teenagers. Cyber-bullying is not allowed at all. If you feel like you are the victim of a cyber-bully, follow these instructions to report them.

These are some amazing groups you should join!

:icondeviantheart: :iconcreaterespect: :iconthe-da-advice-line: :iconscarsbybullying: :iconend-bullying: :icondown-with-bullies: :iconbullied-and-alive: :iconnonbullyzone: :iconagainst-bullying: :iconvictimsunited:

Because I say so! by Missangest
Because I say so! by Missangest

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Literary Works on Bullying

BulliedHe was by best friend
I tried to help him
But a dark cloud
so black, came down
engulfed the soul I knew.
I watched the lightnin'
turn into
silent hiding  
the day I caught his wrist
what is this
the scars were emotional
It was always hovering
what was it
that seeped inside
into his heart.
into his very mind now
I know who and what it is,  
the sneers, jeers
glares an' stares
everyone whisperin'
in eachothers ears
was just to much to bear.
(He said he didn't care) - 1 Min mark
He gave up sleeping,
then eating,
He said no one cared
when he tried to tell his mom.
I recall that day,
the look on his face!
            (it turned from smiles and laughter
            to tears and fears)
shivering as he walked away!
I recall that very day,
The look on his face!
shivering as he walked away!
Tell me what they say
what their sayin' to ya' now,
Tell me what the
BullyingWas I put here to suffer all this pain?
punch after punch
No one to help
Light has escaped this bare room
Darkness filling quickly
Lord bless my soul
What did I ever do?
What did I do to upset everyone?
Just another person;
They'll say;
Who got trapped in hell's gasp;
They'll assume
Even though they know the horrible in it
They do nothing
Nothing to help others who suffer my pain
But when a life is taken
All of sudden everyone wants to help
But do nothing
But wine on tv shows
Saying it's the teachers or parents fault
But you can't see it in another's face
They'll smile
but have a crumbling esteem
Don't wine,
about others doings
If your doing the exact damn thing
To all bulliesYou see that girl over there?
All her family are dead and her friends washed away
You don't know the whole story so what do you say
but, "I bet no-one cared when you went away."
"It was a joke, an accident, a misunderstanding!" You protest
But with every joke she gets closer to the edge
You don't know the whole story, it wasn't your fault
But that insult hurt and it wasn't a joke.
To all bullies, you know who you are,
To all bullies, those who are near and far
What could possibly go through your head
When you hurt and insult 'till they wish they were dead?

They Say It Will Get BetterThey say that it will get better.
They say that I will make it through.
They say that they've been in my position,
they've felt what I'm feeling now, but I scream untrue.
They can't have experienced this,
this pain, this suffering,
                           this torture.
They can't have experienced this,
and still believe in hope for the future.
If they've been here, where I'm at,
if they've felt exactly what I'm feeling,
they'd know I just want to end it all.
But yet they say put the gun down?
They say it will get better.
Just look at them, they're already healed.
They say that the worst is over already,
now that they're here, they'll be my shield.
They say to trust them,
"Please, don't be reckless!"
They say to trust them,
but that's what the others said
Anti-bullying poem. Friend and foe.As I go to sit down,
you put your leg out,
I just sigh and frown.
I step over as you begin to laugh,
I just place my head on the table,
hoping this day will end fast.
Lesson is over and it's time for lunch,
As I go outside,
I see you again.
I force out a smile,
only to pretend.
You and your friends calling me names.
Throwing your lunch at me,
Snickering that laugh you can't tame
"Fuck sake, I'm fed up with these games."
It's time for another lesson,
The lesson I have to sit next to you.
I've already asked the teacher if I could move,
She just says, "sit down."...
She doesn't have a clue.
Through that whole hour,
I ignore, I ignore, I ignore.
While you laugh at me, more, more and more.
As I leave to go home,
I see you down the alley,
Smoking with your friends,
We are only 14...
I wonder why they wanted to ruin their childhood.
But it wasn't anything of my concern.
I walk away but you grab my arm,
You laugh a little and put your fag butt out on me.
I begin to cry,
Man, did I know that wa
BullyingIf your life has been ruined.
If you've ever gone home crying.
If you spent nights alone crying.
If you have ever felt alone.
If you've ever bled over someone's words.
If you suffer from paranoia because of them.
If you've ever contemplated ending it all.
If you've ever cried yourself to sleep.
If you've ever felt like there's nowhere to go.
If you feel like everyone is against you.
If you can't stitch your own wounds.
If you've ever had a breakdown from them.
If you hate yourself because of them.
If you had your life destroyed.
If you've ever had deep scars.
If your self esteem has been crushed.
If you walk the world in fear.
If you've ever suffered from bullying,
This one goes out to you.

bullying - speak out. by GemmaZ
bullying - speak out. by GemmaZ

Stop Bullying by Caliber13
Stop Bullying by Caliber13

First Meetings: An Internet Adventure

Meeting new people is both fun and scary... It is a real modern day adventure, especially when you are online and can't see who you are meeting. Race, religion, sexuality, gender... they hold no power when all you can see is an anonymous username, some typed text, and an icon that could be of or from anything...

:heart: Judgments: Past and Present
How wonderful is it that you can create an account online, call yourself anything in the world you want to, and not be judged for how you look or sound? On deviantART, as a new user, your are nearly completely anonymous. What you post on your account is what will determine your deviantART identity - and it will ultimately determine how the community sees you and reacts to you. You don't have to reveal anything personal, you can make stuff up, and you can have fun with it. In the end, the way you type (like if you use chatspeak a lot), how you choose to do art, and what communities you choose to affiliate with will determine what other deviantART members judge you by. And you will be judged: by your choice of username, by the art you do, by the groups you join, etc. So take care. If you don't want to be thought of as a bully, don't join groups that promote bullying. If you want to be respected for your art, don't post works you didn't create yourself. And above all, do your best to be kind and follow the website policies.

:heart: What's in a Username?
Really, could it be THAT important? Oh yes, it is that important. One of the most entertaining and exciting things to do when creating a new account anywhere is to choose an identity for yourself... something that my have nothing at all to do with you but may tell the internet world something about you. Choosing a username that contains no profanity, no vulgar words, and nothing in it that is plain rude or obscene is pretty important... for a few reasons. One, if it contains a vulgar word like a swear work, you will be removed from the deviantART community. Talk about a sad ending to the start of what would have been a fun adventure! Two, if it is offensive, other members will report it and will judge you as an offensive person. How will you make friends and enjoy the community if you are outcasted because of the username you picked? And finally, it will literally define everything you do on deviantART. Sure icons are pretty impressive, but depending on what icon you choose, hundreds of other deviants could have the same icon as you. But only ONE OF YOU will have that unique username. So choose it wisely.

:heart: Getting to know the Community
So you made an account, got the perfect username, and are now ready to embark on that amazing adventure right here in deviantART! For starters, you should probably upload one or two pieces of art. After all, this IS an art site too. Next, you should really look at the things that make your artistic insides tick... Do you like a particular fandom and intend on doing fanart? Are you an all-digital or all-traditional purist? Are there certain causes you really want to help support like curing cancer or feeding the homeless? We have groups that can help you meet other people that feel the same way you do! Click on the arrow by the deviantART logo in the upper left corner of your screen and select GROUPS. Now search for groups you might like to be part of using key words... just like you would do if you were searching for art. When you find some groups you like, JOIN THEM! And start submitting your art to them. And speaking of art and searching for art, you should do that too! Find some amazing art you just love, favorite it, and then WATCH the artist! And the last thing to do on day #1 of your adventure... Create a journal to introduce yourself. No, don't give away any personal information, but do say HI to the community, tell us what kind of art you like or plan on creating, and maybe even show off some of the awesome groups and artists you just found! Doing all this on day #1 will help you engage the community and will give the rest of us a great introduction to what an awesome person you are!

Don't be the wallflower.
While sitting back and just submitting art may keep you from being bullied for a long time, it will make your stay on deviantART taste kind of bland. And eventually someone will come along who doesn't like your art medium, a certain character you drew, a color choice, the way you type a certain word, etc. Network with us, make friends and allies, and grow as a person and an artist. Don't shut yourself off from the community - there is more awesome on deviantART than there are bullies.


It Gets Better by Katantoon
It Gets Better by Katantoon

TYLER POSEY -anti-bullying by mishulka
TYLER POSEY -anti-bullying by mishulka

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Praising Life Project Stamp Version 2 by Astrikos
The Praising Life Project was started by Astrikos and aims to collect 300 or more positive and inspiring messages. We all know it is hard to stay positive all the time which can cloud our judgment and make us forget all the blessings we have in life. Forget the bad and spread the joy instead! Stop by and submit your own positive message to Astrikos on the journal or help out by donating some points to the project.

Next Issue: What advice do you have for bully victims?

Comment and I might QUOTE you!

Anti-Bullying Stamp by SnowSniffer

Cute Sushi Monster by Kawiku
Cute Sushi Monster by Kawiku

Skin by CypherVisor

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WebkinzandMC Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
DO NOT keep your problem a secret... Someone must know about bullies or it will get worse. To slay the problem, tell a/an parent or admin!
The-Lantiis Nov 10, 2013   Photographer
That is 100% true - we all need someone we can talk to .
Astrikos Jun 28, 2013   General Artist
This is awesome! :love: 
The-Lantiis Jun 28, 2013   Photographer
Thank you!
Astrikos Jun 30, 2013   General Artist
WRITERandPOET Jun 27, 2013  Student Writer
Thank you so much for the feature. This article is amazing. Well done.
The-Lantiis Jun 27, 2013   Photographer
Thank you so much, and you are very welcome! :heart:
WRITERandPOET Jun 27, 2013  Student Writer
The-Lantiis Jun 27, 2013   Photographer
:love: Welcome!
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